22, Acacia Avenue  Iron Maiden

22, Acacia Avenue

By Iron Maiden

written by Harris and Smith

Off “The number of the beast”

Tab by Kristian Klock

Note:This is the second song about “Charlotte the Harlot”.

the first one is “Charlotte The Harlot”, then this one,

so “Hooks in you”, and finaly, “Frome here to Eternity”

used in song

| Em | D | C | Ebm | Em | C/G | Bm |


|Bm-I | D-I | C-I | D | G | G/A | G/C |


Intro- Guitar Strum-1


1:If you’re feeling down depressed and lonely

2: If you’re waiting for a long time

I know a place where we can go

For the rest to do their piece

Twenty two Acacia Avenue

you can tell her that you know me

Meet a lady that I know.

You might even get it free.

So if you’re looking for a good time

so any time you’re down at the east end

And you’re prepared to pay the price

Don’t you hesitate to go

fifteen quid is all shee asks for

you can take my honest word for it

every body got their vice.

She’ll teach you more than can know.

_________1._________ ________________2.________

| Guitar Strum-1 || |


Guitar lick-A



1:Charlotte can’t you get out from all of this madness

2:Someday when yuo’re reached the age of fourty

3:Charlotte isn’t it time you stopped this mad life

4:Sometimes when you’re strolling down the avenue

1:Can’t you see it only brings you sadness

2:But you’ll reget the days when you were laying

3:Don’t you ever think about the bad times

4:The way you walk it makes men think of heaving you



1:When you entertain your men don’t you know the risk

2:Nobody then will want to know you won’t heave any more

3:Why do you have to live this way do you enjoy your lay

4:When you’re walking down the street every body stops

________1_& _3_____ _____2_&_4_____

| Guitar lick-A ||Guitar lick-A |

|—————— |——-3———–||—————|
|—————— |——-0———–||—————|
|——-0———- |——-0———–||—————|
|–4–4—-4—0— |——-0—–2—–||——5—2—-|
|—————— |-14—-2—–2—–||–14–5—2—-|
|—————— |-12—-3—–0—–||–12–3—0—-|

1: of getting dis- ease

2:beautiful wares to- show any more

3: or is it the- pay

4: and turns to- stare at you


Twenty two, the avenue, that’s the place were we all go.

D Em C D Bm C D *To Coda*

You will find, it’s warm inside, the re lights burning

Guitar lick-A

Em G Em D.S al Coda

bright to night.




bright to night.

1:Beat her mistreat her do any thing you please.

2:Bite her excite her make her get down on her knees.

3:Abuse her misuse her she can take all that you’ve got.

4:Caress her molest her she always does what you want,

Em no chord Em D


4: to night.

Guitar Lick: A-I


With Guitar lick: A-I

Em G Em D-I

1:You’re running away don’t you know what your’re doing

2:You be- -live that because what you’re earning

3:All the men that are constantly drooling

1[G/A]:Can’t you see it’ll lead you to ruin

2:Your life’s good don’t you know that it’s hurting

3:It’s no life for you stop all that srcewing


1:Charlotte you’ve taken your life and

2:All the people that love you

3:You’re packing your bags


1:you’ve thrown it away.

2:don’t cast the aside.

3:you’re comming with me.

Play this after each part of this verses:

____________1.&2._____________ ______3.__________

| Em G Em D | Em G Em |

with Guitar Lick: A-I

Em G Em D-i G/A C-I G/C

After all three times, play this:

____________1.&2.________________ ________3._______________

| D-I Em G Em || |


This is the end,

play the Em, D then the Em

strike the Em chord very fast a few times before you

change into a D, strike it the same way before you go

back to the Em

|——| |——| |——|
|——| |——| |——|
|——| |——| |——|
|——| |——| |——|
|–14–| |–12–| |–14–|
|–12–| |–10–| |–12–|

as fast as yo can.

Kristian Klock 18.08-1998

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