3 Doors Down – Be Like That

G       320003
Dsus2   XX0230
Em7     022030
Cadd9   X32030
Am      X02210
C       X32010

Intro:G, Dsus2, Em7, Cadd9

G                           Dsus2
He spends his nights in California
Em7                           Cadd9
Watching the stars on the big screen
G                      Dsus2
Then he lies awake and wonders 
Em7               Dsus2
Why can't that be me? 
G                                   Dsus2          
Cause in his life he's filled with all these good intentions. 
Em7                                       Cadd9
He's left a lot of things he'd rather not mention right now. 
G                        Dsus2
But just before he says goodnight, 
Em7                                   Cadd9
He looks up with a little smile at me and he says

If I could be like that 
I'd give anything 
Just to live one day 
In those shoes. 
G                         Dsus2
If I could be like that, what would I do? 
Em7          C
What would I do?

Am      Cadd9      G
Now and dreams we run. 

G                             Dsus2
She spends her days up in the north park, 
Em7                         Cadd9
watching the people as they pass. 
G                                                Dsus2
And all she wants is just a little piece of this dream, 
Em7                 Cadd9
is that too much to ask? 
G                 Dsus2           Em7               Cadd9
With a safe home, and a warm bed, on a quiet little street. 
G                Dsus2                         Em7                C
All she wants is just that something to hold onto, that's all she needs. 


Am                        C                  G
I'm falling into this, in dreams we run away. 


Falling in. 
C                  G              G(final strum)
I feel I am falling in to this again.

I't my fist tab, so please don't hate me if I get it wrong!
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