3 Doors Down – Let Me Be Myself

                             3 DOORS DOWN - LET ME BE MYSELF


Verse 1:

I guess I just got lost 
being someone else
I tried to kill the pain
but nothing ever helped
I left myself behind
somewhere along the way 
hoping to come back around 
to find myself someday

Pre-Chorus :
Am           C      G                           
Lately I'm so tired of waiting for you 
Am          C       G
to say that it's okay , tell me please... 

Chorus :
 C                   G
Would you one time, just let me be myself 
so I can shine with my own light
Am              G
Let me be myself

Would you let me be myself? 

Verse 2 : (as verse 1)
'Cause I'll  never find my heart 
behind someone else
I'll never see the light of day 
living in this cell
It's time to make my way 
into the world I knew
And then take back all of these times 
that I gave in to you

Repeat pre-chorus

Repeat chorus X2

That's all I've ever wanted from this world
is to let me be me

Repeat chorus X 3

C                      G
Would you one time (woo-hoo)
F                Am
let me be myself 
and let me be me

Song ends on C

For the chorus you can use power 

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