Aerosmith – Lets Fight

Let’s Fight

Intro  D chord then picked F# E D G F# E D chord
[ lets_fight ]
D                                 A                             Bm                   Gbar
The dogs are barking in the yard and the pigs are getting fatter
D                             A                            Bm                      Gbar
I’m losing count of all the snakes but I just can’t find the ladders
D                    Dsus4 D A              Asus4 A    Bm                      G
My hands are bound my tongue is tied but my eyes are open wide
D                                 A                                Bm                     Gbar
The rich man, well he doesn’t mind and the poor man doesn’t matter

Now’s the time, the fire to light
Rise up each man demand our rights
         D like intro
Let’s fight
Let’s fight

There’s no escape for fools like me and the dreams I keep are shattered
I use to think that truth would out and that people really mattered
But now I see the world for real and all the things that they conceal
They broke the bonds that we had made and all the pieces scattered

And at the dawn of this new day the children do not sing and play
The world they see is not the same and we’re the people they should blame
We quit the race, folded our cards, we gave in because it was hard
We should be showing them our scars the trophies of success
But all that we have left them is a great big stinking mess

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