Again Again Lady Gaga

Its pretty simple..After noticing that no one had tabbed it yet I figured I’d do it the

way..Turned out not to be so hard! The first 3 I ever learned! Long Live Gaga!Saw

at the ACC..nothing short of amazing!

:A, E, D…BTW 1st tab..this could be messy!

Strumming: The “bluesier” the better, but thats just my opinion!

( again_again )

You got a lotta lotta nerve

comin here

when im still with him

and I cant have isnt fair

On March of ’86

My birthday is comin..& if I had one wish, yea you'd be it

Pre Chorus

When youre around

I lose myself

Inside your mouth

You got brown eyes

like no one else

Baby, make it to me


again, again,

again, again, again.

Never stop. 2x

He never really saw me

or waited when we

were hookin up, yea he’d never..last

Last week when I was sad

You said that you knew

My eyes changed from kinda green, to kinda blue

Pre Ch.


Tell me..If I leave here

Baby, would you be there?

Cos Baby, you could be mine mine mine

All ther time time time

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