Black Rose  Eric Clapton

Here’s a highly underappreciated gem off of EC’s “Another Ticket” album

sparing me the task of typing in the lyrics. Share and enjoy!

– Brian

BLACK ROSE by Troy Seals and Eddie Setser


The dogs are howling at the midnight moon.

I’m on my way to where the black rose blooms.

The mountain’s [Em/B] high, the night is [G/B] cold.

I feel the [G/B] sunshine; a [D/A] black rose grows.

Together again, we’re as common as sin, they say,

We just walk around the stones they throw.

Night after night, we steal away to where

Love don’t see no colors in the shadows,

Love don’t see no colors in the shadows.

Wind in the willows, wild and warm,

Just like the woman lying here in my arms.

The water’s [Em/B] deep, cold and [G/B] still.

I love the [G/B] feeling that [D/A] black rose gives.



Love don’t see no colors in the shadows.


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