Bruno Mars – Dont Give Up

Hello Everyone, Josiahboy1232 here with an awesome chord sync.
This song: Don't Give Up by Bruno Mars is a very beautiful and easy song to learn. I 
hope you have fun out of this and enjoy the song.
Bruno Mars - Dont Give Up
Okay, I've listened to this thoroughly and I believe this is as close to perfect as 
possible. any corrections feel free to correct it in the comments.

I strongly recommend bar chords for this song as the strumming sounds alot better with a 
reggae beat.

Strumming Pattern: For the Chorus its Twice down on the first B and once for A and G.

For the Verses its twice down on every chord.

For the Bridge its only once with every chord.

(As soon as you strum down, its best to mute the chord, either by lifting the fret 
finger of the bar or stopping the strings with your palm)

So here it is:

         B  A  G
         B  A  G

Verse 1:

B                 A
When you wanna do something thats new.
E                   F#
And it seems really, really hard to do.
B                     A
You feel like quitting, you feel your through.
E                            F#
Well I have some advice for you

             B  A         G
Don't give up, Keep on trying,
B             A     G
Your gonna make it, I aint lying
             B   A          G
dont give up, don't ever quit,
B                A      G
try and try and you can do it, dont give up (yeah)

Verse 2:
[ dont_give_up ]
B                A                 E              F#
If you want to catch a ball, but your having no luck at all.
          B                   A
The ball hits your head, it hits your nose.
    E                     F#
It hits your belly, your chin and toes.
        B            A          E                F#
Well try and try and try again, keep on trying and soon
                    B     A
You'll put your hands out in the air,
       E                      F#
You'll catch that ball, yes this I swear

Chorus 2:
             B  A        G
Dont give up, keep on going.
B                    A      G
Youre on a boat, so keep on rowing
            B    A        G
Dont give up, dont ever stop,
B                           A       G                 B
Try and try and you'll come out on top, dont give up.

Verse 3:
    D             A
You got yourself new roller-skates.
     G              A
You put them on and you feel great,
  D           A
Stand up, but then you fall,
  G                 A
Dont think you can skate at all.

    A                G
You get back up and then you trip
    A                G
You skip and tip and slip and flip
      A              G
Well try and try and try some more,
    A                         G    A
And soon your skating across the floor.

Final Chorus:
             B  A     G
Dont give up, keep on moving.
            B               A       G
Youre gonna get there just keep on grooving
              B  A          G
Dont give up, dont pack it in,
    B           A       G                  B
Try and try and you will win, dont give up.

 A       G                 B
No no no no, dont give up
A        G                B
No no no no, dont give up
   A     G              B
No no no, dont give up,
  B  A             F#
no no Dont give up

Thankyou and enjoy :)

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