Bryan Adams – Let Him Know

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Subject: "Let Him Know" (Bryan Adams)

Let Him Know (Bryan Adams) - Cuts Like a Knife (1983)

Fadd9  xx3213      Ab     466544
Fm     xx3111      Eb     xx5343
Bb     xx3331      Db     xx3121


C          Em    Am
Another day goes by
           F                    C
Still you wonder what happened
                    Em              Am
You=92d give the world for one more try
But you=92re too shy to ask him
      Fm                       Am
You don=92t want to ask him now
                 C                 F
I know your heart will pull you through
If he means that much to you, yeah
[ let_him_know ]
You gotta let him know (Let him know, know that you love him)
Let him know that you love him (Let him know, know that you need him)
                   Bb                                         F
You gotta let him know (Let him know, know that you want him now)

C              Em            Am
What can I say? It=92s up to you
          F                   C
You gotta make up your own mind
            Em                Am
It=92s your life, it=92s up to you
Cause you didn=92t believe me
     Fm                           Am
You still don=92t believe me now
              C                    F
You=92re gonna see it=92s all coming true
That=92s why I=92m leaving it up to you, yeah


Ab  Eb Db
                                              Eb  Db  Ab
The news is out I guess you heard
                                                 Eb  Db  Ab
You shouldn=92t breathe a single word
                                                      Eb     Db          =
The bottom line is nothing=92s going to stop you now
You gotta let him know....

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