Coldplay – First Steps

|F   |F   |F   |F   |
|Gm  |F   |Gm  |F   |
|Gm  |F   |Gm  |F   |
[Verse 1]
Help me out, help me out
          F                       Gm
Cause I'm falling and I can't get back
          Bb                     F             Gm
And there isn't any number I can call for that
[Verse 2]
Oh, help me out, help me out
        Bb                 Gm
Cause I fall, and I was so scared
  Bb                             F         Gm
I know what was severed, and I'm rolling in
|Gm  |F   |Gm  |F   |
[Verse 3]
Cm            Eb  Bb
Even when the sun set
   F         Gm
It burned my eyes
Even when the dark
  Gm     F
Began to climb
[Verse 4]
                 Eb         Gm
And just because I roll the dice
    D         Eb
And turned to worse
                 Cm       F
Together for the grace of God
F              Cm F
Don't know why
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