Dream Theater – Act Of Faythe

Ab... Dbm/Ab... Ab/C... Ebsus4. Eb.

#1:20 Verse 1

  Ab                                  Dbm
I never knew they spent their days in rags
      Ab                             Cm
While I enjoy the life they'll never have
    Db                Ebsus4 Eb
Yet deep within their eyes
Ab   Cm/G     Fm    Cm/Eb
Hope still survives
    Db                                       Ebsus4 Eb
And they don't seem to think this world's so bad

#1:52 Verse 2

Ab                         Dbm
Even as they gather in the square
     Ab                                 Cm
They know that a better life exists out there
     Db        Ebsus4 Eb
With unity and pride
Ab    Cm/G  Fm
Faith stays alive
E            Dbm7              Ebsus4 Eb
How can I pretend that I don't care?

#2:22 Verse 3

Fm       Eb/G        Db/Ab
  I have always felt alone
Fm            Eb/G       Db/Ab          Ab    Cm/G
Living like a stranger inside of my own home
Fm      Eb                Db                 Ab/C
  Maybe now's the time to greet the winds of change
         Bbm                 Ebsus4   Eb
Could my destiny be right in front of me?

#2:52 Verse 4

Ab                           Dbm
As a child behind the palace walls
Ab                                Cm
Often times I'd search its secret halls
    Db                Eb
And hope that I would find
  Ab       Cm/G  Fm  Eb
A treasure cast aside
  Db    Fm/C     Bbm     Bbm/Ab  Csus4/G
I came upon the greatest gift of all

#3:22 Chorus

My music player
 My private paradise
My music player
 A refuge I must hide
    F              G
And lost at sea forever,
  Em           Am Am/G
I drifted far away

    F        Am/E    Dm       Dm/C  C/G
Now finally for the first time    I know
     Gsus4 G    Cm
I've found   my way
F     Fsus4/Bb Cm  Bb
Found my       way

#4:12 Outro
A. A(b5). A. A(b5).
A. A(b5). A. B7/A.            
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