Dream Theater – Whispers On The Wind

A    Dm                  A
If I still had something left
     Dm     C7      F
I'd surely use my gift
    C7                 F
To give her one more breath
   C7              D
To see her smile again

    Cm              D
And yet my gift is gone
  Cm       F7        Bb
Along with all her dreams
    Asus4    D       Eb
It vanished with a scream
My fragile voice
     F          Bbm
Has all but disappeared

      Eb      Ab      Db
I've nothing left to give
    F#m                 Db
The words I wished I'd said
     F#m      F7     Bbm
Just whispers on the wind
    E(b5)           Bbm
And now all hope is dead

Gb  Bbm
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