E Saves the Day

E Saves the Day



Submitted by: [email protected]

Key: F#

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:

Ebm x68876

Bb/D x587xx

C# x46664

G#/C x365xx

B x24442

Bb x13331

C#/F 143xxx

G 320033

Intro: Ebm Bbm G#m Bb

Verse 1:

I’ve got your face

burned in my head[Bb/D]

From the first

night we met

You were lost

twenty two

tired of it [Bb/D]all

Eyes like stop

on black holes

Chorus 1:

I was [Bb/D]living alone [G#/C]

The world went

[Bb/D]by down below [G#/C]

Through the window

I watched it all Go

Verse 2:

You’ve been here

seven years clothes

on the [Bb/D]floor

Shadows crawling

along the walls

Reminisce reticence

learn to move [Bb/D]on

Without you I

would be is gone

Chorus 2:

Try or [Bb/D]fail to forgive [G#/C]

Nothing [Bb/D]left to relive [G#/C]

I watch your black

hair blow in the wind

Can we love again?



Do you feel a thing?

Will you take [C#/F]my hand?

I want to live again

Guitar Solo: Ebm F# G#m Bb x2

Verse 3:

In your eyes I see

the sky go gray

Chorus 3:

Looking [Bb/D]down as I say [Bb/D]

give me [Bb/D]one more day[Bb/D]

In the distance I

hear the rain



B Bb Ebm(hold)


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