Eagles – No More Cloudy Days

Verse 1:
Sitting by a foggy window

C/G                    D7sus/G
Staring at the pouring rain
Falling down like lonely teardrops

C/G                 D7sus/G
Memories of love in vain


      Bm     Em    Am             D
These cloudy days, make you wanna cry

Bm                        Em                     Dsus       D
It breaks your heart when someone leaves and you don't know why

Verse 2:

G                                   C/G                    D7sus/G
I can see that you've been hurting, maybe I've been lonely too
[ no_more_cloudy_days ]
G                                      C/G                     D7sus/G
I've been out here lost and searching, looking for a girl like you

    Bm    Em      Am               D
Now I believe the sun is gonna shine

          Bm            Em             Dsus             D                
Don't you be  afraid to fall in love , put your hand in mine...


Baby, I would never make you cry

I would never make you blue

I would never let you down

I would never be untrue
  Em                 D6               G                A
I know a place where we can go, where true love always stays

        Dsus           D       Dsus           D
There's no more stormy nights, no more cloudy days

repeat verse chords over sax and end like this : C/G    D7sus/G      G
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