Eagles – Pretty Maids All In A Row

Pretty Maids All in a Row ====>Eagles(Joe Walsh & Joe Vitale)
Lead Vocal: Joe Walsh
Piano: Joe Walsh
Synthesizer: Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey
my e-mail:[email protected]
Chords you need to know
(actually you can use any pattern you want but I chose the 
ones that would sound more original)

Cmaj9          x30000
G              320003
D              xx0232
D/A            x00232
A              x02220
G/A            x00003
G/D            xx0433(or xx0003)
A/D            xx0220(other name:Dmaj7sus2)
Am/D           xx0210(other name:D7sus2)
Gmaj9          x25232(I'D choose:325232)
Bm7            x24232
F#m7           242222
Em7            020030
E7             020100
A7sus4         x02030
♪ Capo 1

Waltz Ballad

Intro:(fade in slowly)

     |Cmaj9        |G             |Cmaj9         | G             |

     |D            |A             |G/A           | A             |

     |Cmaj9        |G             |Cmaj9         | G             |

     |D            |A             |G/A           | A             |

                D            G/D
                Hi there how are ya

    A/D         G   G/A   A
Itýs been a long time

D                G/D         A/D      Am/D
Seems like we've come a long way.

 Gmaj9      F#m7      Em7
 My, but we learn so slow

    Gmaj9       F#m7          Em7
and heroes they come and they go
[ pretty_maids_all_in_a_row ]
    Gmaj9        F#m7     Cmaj9                   G          
and leave us be  hind as  if we re'   supposed to know

 Bm7            F#m7      Gmaj9
 Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh.

D/A       E7             G/A     A
Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh.

           Bm7        F#m7          Gmaj9
Why do we give up our hearts to the past?

    D/A         E7         G/A    A       G/A      A
And why must we grow up so fast?          ooooo    oooo

Slide Guitar 

|D              |G/D        |A/D            |G  G/A  A |

|D              |G/D        |A/D            |Am/D
                                             And all you

 Gmaj9        F#m7            Em7               
 wishing well fools with your fortunes,

Gmaj9          F#m7       Em7               
someone should send you a rose

     Gmaj9       F#m7
with love from a friend.

      Em7                   A7sus4
 It's nice to hear from you again.

        Bm7       F#m7       Gmaj9
And the storybook comes to a close.

D/A          E7          G/A     A
Gone are the ribbons and bows.

Bm7         F#m7    Gmaj9
Things to remember, places to go,

D/A          E7       G/A     A             
pretty maids all in a row.

| Bm7      F#m7            Gmaj9
ooooooo  ooooooo  ooooooo   ooo   oo  oo

D/A          E7      G/A        A   
oooo    ooo  oooo   oo   ooooo          

| Bm7      F#m7         Gmaj9
ooooooo  ooooooo  ooo  oo   ooo   oo  oo

D/A          E7      G/A        A   
oooo    ooo  oooo   oo   ooooo          
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