Hoobastank – Tears Of Yesterday

I couldn't find a decent chord tab for this song so I decided to figure it out and 
create one.
It may or not be 100% accurate but it's pretty damn close!

I used the acoustic version from "Is This The Day?" as a basis but it can also be used 
for the "For(N)ever" version as well.

The song is relatively easy to play since it's the same progression for most of the song 
and the use of the capo allows for non-complex chords. You just have to listen to the 
song for strum timing.

Hope you all enjoy!

Tuning: Standard
♪ Capo: 3rd Fret

(All chords are relative to the capo)

A  C

A  C

D  F  G


  A                     C
I write your name in my breath on the window

A                   C
Sit and watch as it fades away

    D           F
The painful memories

Of the tears of yesterday

[Verse 1]

A  C
C ---> Eb
D ---> F
F ---> Ab
G ---> Bb
Bb --> Db
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