I Might Be Wrong   Radiohead

{t:I Might Be Wrong}

“I Might Be Wrong” by Radiohead

This is one of my favorite Radiohead songs, so
anyone out there who can do a better job at tabbing
it than I, please do.

I did my best to tab out the strum pattern, but
listen to the song to get the rhythm.

Note: to get the right sound, you have to strum up
and down, that way, you can really hear the 2nd fret
on the D string.

Also, it’s obvious that the bass is a big part of the
sound of the song, and most likely a second guitar,
but they are not included in this tab. I believe that
the bridge is played only by the bass, but I tabbed
it out for the guitar anyway.

Symbols: ~ —> let note ring
fb —> full bend
(#)—> note is optional

Verse/Chorus Bridge


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