Jason Mraz – The Darkest Space

For anyone who finds it easier to find chords or likes to improvise off them/use 
Also, for all you weirdos that want to transpose to your mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, 

 for The Darkest Space.

well i'm not just a song anymore
i might be the whole damn score
i might be reeling in your head
               D7                    Gm
while you're sleeping in your bed at night
i'm not just alone anymore
well i finally found what i was looking for
           Cm                       D7
i might be sitting in the passenger side
but not along for the ride
                  Gm                      D7
cause i've got control of a homegrown situation
      Cm                        D7
i lay back and then i turn the alarm off
and turn out the light
there's gonna be some quality sleeping

cause quality's keeping
the quality up at night
             Cm                      D7
i am fixed to lay on my back with my arms out
learning to fly

through the darkest space
well i try to catch up to the
catchphrased human race
i say let the games begin
said in conditions that we play in
    G#                                      G
oh, maybe these things are better this way

oh may the games begin today

oh well, oh well

:and it repeats, basically:

cause i'm just above
in the ailing aggravation of love
and i raise to optimistical fortune
toasting it twice
and i'm sitting high on an anytime, anyday night
and i laugh to think of crying my eyes out
well isn't it nice

through the darkest space
well i try to catch up to the
catchphrased human race
i say let the games begin
say in conditions that we play in
oh maybe these things, maybe these things
may the games begin
in open space
oh lord
well i finally catch up to the
catchphrased human race
i say, honey, let the games begin
underway, underway said in conditions that we play
oh maybe these things
maybe these things
maybe these, maybe these things should begin today
boy, oh lord
this whole damn world is your toy, lord
don't you want some, love love love, love
don't you want some, some some
always stay the same
but don't you want your love
to never be the same as the last day
don't you want...
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