Jason Mraz – This Movie Is Rated Ours

Jason Mraz – Rated Ours

With redactions for all Jason Mraz Fans and guitar players , hope I helped you,  Cires Adrian. 
For any questions : 
Skype : adrian_cires

Used chords :

Dm7 - x57565
G   - 355433
Cmaj7 - x35453
A7 -575655
G - 355433
C - x35553
A# - 688766
F - 133211
G# - 466544
E/G# - 42245x  (can use simple E – 022100)  
Am - x02210
Fm - 133111
Am/G -302210
Dm7 - 557565

Dm7                          G
You could be the song in my silent movie
Cmaj7                           A7
It's you who put emotion in my pictures
It's starting right now
I can hear the projector

Bass does here:
( 5th string          |-----------0--2-----|  )
( 6th  string         |---3-3-5------------|  )

C                           Cmaj7
Don't let the trailer be better than the movie
A#                            F  (bass 6th string ----1---3---4)
I plan on staying 'till the end
G#                                   Cmaj7
Dim the lights and recite your lines to me
G#                 G
Don't let it be a short film

(Same that the previous verse)
You could be the star
you are brighter than the spotlight
Who wouldn't cast you in the role
You got the part auditioning for my heart
You had be at hello (To enter in the chorus add a 7 in G, G7)

 F                   G 
The orchestra rises up
E/G#                          Am           Am/G
Please don't let our scenes get cut
F                 Fm                  Dm7     G
This is where we kiss and fall in love ...

So don't let the trailer be better than the movie
Don't let it have too many twists
You don't need no camera tricks
you have you're own special effects
and that affection keeps me hanging in suspense

Quiet on the set, are you ready for your close-up
Your a natural on the screen
With your eyes in stop motion, put my life into focus
You're the darling of the critics but this movie's just for me

The orchestra rises up
Please don't let our scenes get cut
This is where ride off in the sun

Here: Cmaj7 - A# - G# - G x2

The orchestra rises up
This is what I'm dreaming of
Let's make everyone believe in love
Let's make everyone believe in love

And finishing: Cmaj7 - A# - G# - G - Cmaj7

This movie is rated ours!
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