Jason Mraz – Warming Up

This is Warming Up as Jason Mraz played it at Lestats Café right before Bushwalla. You

The strumming pattern is varied throughout the song, so it would've been a pain tabbing
of it. It's not hard though so just listen to the song to get it right.

 (Normal Tuning, No capo):

G            320033
D            xx0232
Em           022000
C            x32010
C/B          x2x010
G/F#         2x0033
Ebmaj7       x6533x
Bb           6533xx
G*           355433
D11          x54010
(following are basslines between chords)
/F#          2xxxxx
/G           3xxxxx
/A           5xxxxx
/B           x2xxxx
/C           x3xxxx


          G           D             Em
There’s a cool breeze blowing in a garden grove
        C          C/B      G/F#
Where a lady, she learns to sleep
         G           D              Em
While surrounded, not where all the flowers grow
                C     C/B     G/F#
Otherwise on an empty orchard street
       Em  /F#  G  D   C
She is dreaming of her holiday
 /G  /F#  Em  /F#  G    D     C
 /A   /B   C    /B  Am7
Still her hands are cold
/A /B  C  /B Am7
/A   /B     C /B  Am7 /G  G/F#
that she’s warming up to loving me


I’m a passer-by in a promise land
And I face no direction
But I’m somewhere between the towns of lost and found
In the state of confusion
Sure our dreaming is pure wonderment
But our feelings are no accident
If my heart is cold it won't forever be,
Cause she’s warming up to loving me

    Ebmaj7        Bb
And fate is not a mission
       /D  /C  /B /A /G
It’s an un_con_di_tio_nal_ hi__gh__
       Ebmaj7         Bb
When I saw you in the garden
    G*       D11
You reminded me

I can see, the stars are on your shoulders now
And what the wind and your skin have in common
Am I taller? Well if feels as though I’m above the ground
She keeps inviting me to go down
Are you warming up?
Are you burning up?
Are you warming up to loving me?

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