Jeff Buckley – We All Fall In Love Sometimes

Intro: Gm Cm D

Gm   Cm
Wise men say, It looks like rain today
It crackled on the speakers
Gm          Gm7        Eb
And trickled down the sleepy subway trains
Cm         D
For heavy eyes could hardly hold us
Gm         Gm7           Eb
Aching legs that often told us
                   D                        Gm   Cm  D
It's all worth it. We all fall in love sometimes

Gm                 Cm
The full moon's bright and starlight filled the evening
We wrote it and I played it
Gm            Gm7              Eb
Something happened it's so strange this feeling
Cm        D
Naive notions that were childish
Gm           Gm7         Eb
Simple tunes that tried to hide it
                  D                   Gm     Cm  D
But when it comes We all fall in love sometimes

G              Am                     C
Did we, didn't we, should we couldn't we
                        E               Am
I'm not sure 'cause sometimes we're so blind
C                       D
Struggling through the day
                            C G C G
When even your best friend says
B        C Am   D                   Gm
Don't you find, We all fall in love sometimes

Solo: Cm D Gm Gm7 Eb Cm D Gm Gm7 Eb D

G      Am          C
And only passing time
              E          Am
Could kill the boredom we acquired
C                           D
Running with the losers for a while
                                     C G C G
But our Empty Sky was filled with laughter
B                 C Am D                           Gm
Just before the flood, Painting worried faces with a smile            
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