John Legend – Slow Dance

Capo on 3rd

C/B - 020010

Can we wait just a minute
Slow it down for a minute now baby
Your talkin loud
Your wilding out
C                  Am       
Don't seem like my old lady

G                                 Bm
Lets go and play the song we used to play
C                   C/B
Can we reignite the flame
     Am                     C
Cause things just ain't the same

We can talk about the baby
We can talk until we're crazy
C                 C/B
We can focus on it now
Am                      C
Or we can focus on it later
We can start another fight
We can argue and fuss all night
      C              C/B        Am         C        G
But I propose that we go to the floor and we slow dance

Bm              C  C/B  
Tonight I wanna dance
        Am                 C    G
Can you do that with your man yea
Bm              C  C/B  
Tonight I wanna groove
       Am                 C    G
And let the music make you move

Same for rest of the song
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