Led Zeppelin – Hey Hey What Can I Do

[Intro] (x4)


(finish with) 

F F  C C


Csus2     030010
C7        032310

[Verse 1]

G      D                  F      C
 Wanna tell you about the girl I love         
C                C7
My she looks so fine
G          D             F                  C
 She's the only one that I've been dreamin' of
C                                  RIFF A
Maybe someday she will be all mine 
G        D               F        C
 I wanna tell her that I love her so
C                        C7
I thrill with her every touch
G *         D *                 F *                C *     (* - Hold chords)
 I need to tell her she's the only one I really love


G G F Csus2 C Csus2 C 
                      I got a woman, wanna bawl all day
G G F Csus2 C Csus2 C
                      I got a woman, she won't be true, no
G G F Csus2 C Csus2 C
                      I got a woman, stay drunk all the time
G G F Csus2 C Csus2 C 
                      I said I got a little woman and she won't be true

[Verse 2]

G       D               F          C
 Sunday morning when we go down to church
C                             C7
See the men folk standin' in line
G            D       F           C 
 I said they come to pray to the Lord
C                               RIFF A                                                  
With my little girl, looks so fine  
G       D                F              C
 In the evening when the sun is sinkin' low
C                             C7
Everybody's with the one they love
G *          D *          F *             C *
 I walk the town keep   searchin' all around

Lookin' for my street corner girl


G       D              F            C
 In the bars, with the men who play guitars
C                                     C7
Singin', drinkin' and rememberin' the times
G         D            F        C
 My little lover does a midnight shift
C                                RIFF A
She followed around all the time 
G               D               F               C
 I guess there's just one thing a-left for me to do
C                                 C7
Gonna pack my bags and move on my way
        G *            D *           F *                 C *
Cause I got a worried mind sharin' what I thought was mine 

Gonna leave her when the guitars play



Just repeat the chorus, do a little Plant-like vamp, and if
someone else is handy you can do a little call & answer.


G     G   F Csus2 C Csus2 C
(Hey, hey, what  can  I   do)     I said she won't be true
G     G   F Csus2 C Csus2 C
(Hey, hey, what  can  I   say)    Lord, hear what I say

You get the idea..            
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