Little Me  Little Mix

Little Me ? Little Mix

♪ Capo 1


[Em(2)] [C(2)] [D(2)] [Bm(2)] [C(2)] [Am(2)] [B7(2)] [B7(2)] 

[Verse 1] 

She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl

Body?s so quiet you don?t hear a word

Always talking but you can?t be heard

[Verse 2] 

You can see it there if you catch her eye

You know she?s brave but it?s trapped inside

Scared to talk but she don?t know why

[Pre Cborus:] 

Wish I knew back then what I know now

Wish I could somehow go back in time

And maybe listen to my own advice


I?d tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out

Talk a bit louder, Be a bit prouder

Tell her she?s beautiful, wonderful Everything she doesn?t see

You gotta speak up, You gotta shout out

And know that right here right now

You could be beautiful, wonderful Anything you wanna be

Little [Em(4)]me

[Verse 3 & 4] 

Yeah, you got a lot of time to act your age

You can?t write a book from a single page

Hands of a clock only turn one way

Goin? too fast and risk it all

Can?t be afraid to take a fall

Felt so big but she looked so small

[Pre Cborus] 


[Instrumental following same cbords] 


Little me[G(2)], yeah Tell her one thing I would say

[Cborus x3] 

(As requested by Crigby)

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