Makes Me Wonder  Maroon 5



This is the way Adam plays live on air on the radio acoustic sessions. This is played at

slower pace. Tabbed by Joseph Mahon. Saturday 9th May 2009

NOTE: On the chorus,I’m not too sure if the A is actually an A but a Bm7 but you decide

The bit with tab is plucked or picked to give the transition from Bm to A and then

G,the start of the prechorus.


e—-0 e—-2-|
B—-2 B—-3-|
G—-0 G—-2-|
D—-2 D—-4-|
A—-0 A—-2-|
E—-0 E—-2-|

(Note: The Bm7 is a Bm without the G string not,which of course stays with the bar at 2)


I wake up with blood-shot eyes

Struggled to memorize

The way it felt between your thighs

Pleasure that made you cry

Feels so good to be bad

Not worth the aftermath, after that

After that

Try to get you back

But I…



I still don’t have the reason

And you don’t have the time

And it really makes me wonder

If I ever gave a fuck about you


Give me something to believe in

Cause I don’t believe in you anymore anymore

I wonder if it even makes a difference to try

So this is goodbye

Repeat These. The bridge bit was a bit difficult and required a lot. If you have an

for the bridge let me know and get back to me with ratings review etc send to

Good Luck!

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