Midnight Rambler   The Rolling Stones

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{t:Midnight Rambler}
{st:The Rolling Stones}

In the meantime, here’s some other chords to try on that song.

Hope you like them…



|> Well, this is by no means complete TAB, but it’s such fun just to play the intro that I figured I’d post it. Keith probably used some wierd tuning and played it completely different! You might have to do some muting on that funny chord.

|> Also, I have no idea what the "real" key is on the record.


|> Marc


|> Midnight Rambler


|> Opening riff:


|> -|—————–5–5———————————————–
|> -|—————–8–8———————————————–
|> -|—————–7–7———————————————–
|> -|—————–5–5–7–7–7–9–9–7–7–9———————–
|> -|–7–7–7–9–7–5–5–5–5–5–5–5–5–5–5———————–
|> -|–5–5–5–5–5–5–5———————————————–

Should be:


*This ‘9’ is sometimes a ‘5’ on the live version.


The ‘A’ chord (you’re playing the 1-5-8 version with no 3rd —

not major or minor) is actually two chords, a suspension that

resolves to the major — played at the 12th fret (drag).

Once it gets to the break, there’s the two chord da Daahh da Daahh

stuff… those chords are

——7——5h6– (Do various riffs here)

The 5’th fret on the D string is a min 7 interval making the

major a dominant 7. The 5h6 is a hammer-on (gives it that

bluesy feel).


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