Nude  Radiohead

From the absolutley ridiculous (in a good way) album, “In Rainbows”. Beautiful song,

entitled “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any)” back from the OK Computer sessions.

Any comments/corrections/etc recommended. Hope that this helps and that you enjoy.

Standard Tuning – ♪ Capo on 4th Fret.

All chords are based on the capo serving as the 1st Fret.

E minor – 022000

E – 022100

F – 133210

C – 332010

A minor – x02210

G – 320033

F minor – 133111

(Bass intro) lightly strum E minor. You can sus between the E minor and E throughout

intro and the first line(s) of the verses, or anytime the E minor is held for several bars.

Don’t get any big ideas

They’re not gonna happen…

You paint yourself white

And fill in the noise.

There’ll be something missing…

Em sus to E

Now that you’ve found it

…It’s gone.

Em sus to E

Now that you feel it

…You don’t.

You’ve gone off the rails.

So don’t get any big ideas


They’re not gonna happen. (Oooooh—Ohhhh—Ohhh)

Em E (sus between Em and E)

You’ll go to hell for what your…

Dirty mind is thiiiiiiiiiiii-iii-in-king.

(OUTRO – PART 1) 3:10-3:45 of elapsed time

Play the following during the first part of the outro when the layers of Thom’s voice

“OOOH-OOOOH”ing up and down the scale:


It simply repeats between Em and F, but switches to Am the 3rd and final time through

two-chord phrase.

(OUTRO – PART 2) 3:45-3:56 of elapsed time

When the “OOOH-OOOH”ing slows down.


(OUTRO – PART 3) 3:56-end of song

Unusre about these last few chords. Three unknown chords, then definately ends on a C.

Best guess:

Just steps down from F to C. Some sort of arrangement of the following chords: F, E, D


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