Oasis – I Will Believe


D	     A		    G	       D
Locked up in chains for the rest of my life

        A	       G	 D
There's no one else to blame but me

D	      A		    G	       D
Start up with days just the end of the night

    A		     G       D
I'm feeling like I'm lost at sea

A		  G	   D	       A		G   	   D
Sometimes it just seems so simple, I'm feeling like I'm down on my knees

A		 G	    D	      Em		D    G
Sometimes like a man in the middle, I don't know my own mind,

Won't you let me be...

		 D	        C
Cause I can find you, living in my world

	    A			       D
Dragging me round just like a dog on a lead

	   F			G
But when I find my own piece of mind, I...

	 E  A
I will believe

(repeat first verse and chorus 2x)
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