Oasis – It’s Getting Better (Man!)


 It's Getting Better Man by Oasis

The chords for this are very dodgy, especially the bridge.
The lyrics are probably way off too!

A    x02220
Bm  x24432
G    320003
D    xx0232
F#5   244xxx
A5  577xxx
E 022100

4b6 = bend on fret 4 tp pitch of fret 6
2h4 = fret 2, hammer-on to fret 4


Little riffs during  intro :



Verse:   A                         Bm                       G                         A
             Say something, shout it from the rooftop of your home
             Even if it means nothing,  make em realise you're not alone   (probably wrong)
             We've all got a bright future, wishing on a wave back to the shore      (very wrong)
            Something 'bout a life teaches you to build a castle in the sun

Bridge     :                   Em                 G                A
                  Maybe the songs that we sing are wrong.
                                      Em                  G                A         
                  Maybe the dreams that we dream are gone.

                   Em            G                               D
                   Bring it on home and we won't be long.        
                  (not sure about these chords)

               Oh-oh,  It's Getting Better, Man

            F#5                                                 A5
            And what was that you said to me? 
            F#5                                           A5
            Just say the word and I'll be free

                                   B                       G                                           F#5           A5
            And when the stars are shining bright,  It's Getting Better Man

            We're crashing in upon a wave
             It's calling out beyond the grave

And when there's fire in the sky

It's Getting Better, Man



little riff at end of 2nd chorus:


(2nd verse - very likely wrong lyrics!)

Build something, build a better place and call it home
Even if it means nothing, you'll never ever feel that you're alone.

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