Oasis – Talk Tonight

Talk Tonight, written by Noel Gallagher, performed by Oasis
Talk Tonight can be found on the UK "Some Might Say" single and the US 
"Wonderwall" single. Great song.

--I've seen a number of attempts to tab this song, but none have been 
quite right; some off more than others, so here's my attempt to do it right.


Em7	(022030)
Em2 	(022033) [used in chorus only]
A7sus4 	(x02030)
Cadd9 	(x32030)
C9  	(x32330)
C2	(x32022) [used in chorus only]
G   	(3x0033)
B/G 	(x20033)
Dsus4	(xx0233)

Em7 (strum once)    Em7  A7sus4   C9   G   A7sus4   Cadd9


Sitting on my own, chewing on a bone
a thousand million miles from home, when
Cadd9	       G	A7sus4			    Cadd9
something      hit me,  somewhere right between the eyes

Sleeping on a plane you know you can't complain
You took your last chance once again, and
landed, stranded, hardly even knew your name

Cadd9                     G     Dsus4  Em2
	   I wanna talk tonight       
		     C2         G     Dsus4  Em2
	   Until the morning light 
		C2    		    G    Dsus4  Em2	
	   'Bout how you saved my life
                     Cadd9           A7sus4    Cadd9
	   And you and me see how we are
                                     A7sus4    Cadd9
	   And you and me see how we are

Tab for chorus
During the chorus there's a second guitar that plays this little riff 
during each G  Dsus4  Em2  part of the chorus.
[NOTE: this is almost the exact same riff as can be found in the "And all 
the roads we have to walk are winding" part of Wonderwall.]
    G        Dsus2        Em2       C2  

Musical Interlude
Played same as intro.

All your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade
and you make sure I eat today, you
take me      walking to where you played when you were young

I'll never say that I won't ever make you cry 
and this I say I don't know why, I
know I'm     leaving, but I'll be back another day


That's pretty much it, except towards the end of the song, there are 2 
changes to the usual patterns.

1) Towards the end, the "And you and me see how we are" part goes

	Cadd9             A7sus4  B/G  Cadd9
and you and me see how we are
			A7sus4  B/G  Cadd9
you and me see how we are

2) At the end where the chorus is repeating again and again, it starts to 
go like this every 4 measures:

		 G    Dsus2   Em2
I wanna talk tonight
C2              G    Dsus2   Em2
I wanna talk tonight
C2		 G    Dsus2   Em2 Dsus2 C2 Dsus2
I wanna talk tonight
		 G    Dsus   Em2
I wanna talk tonight

(whatever, and so on)

 If you haven't yet heard the version of Talk Tonight with 
Paul Weller playing keyboard and singing background vocals, check it out!!
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