Optimistic  Radiohead

this is probably the poorest tab ever made but i hope its something to

work with

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h=hammer on

p=pull off

*=let ring

during the intro this fits in pretty good

e -5/-7/–2*-1/-3-2—

chords: F G D C#(or maybe F instead) D# D

this is kinda of what i mean



or this way



i think the second guitar is playing along using the G Major scale…


NOTE: this is not how to play it! this is just the scale.. listen to

the song and use this..

there is one chord that (jonny?) plays with just a slow upstroke im

not sure which one

but i think its some sort of F chord..

im sure i got lots of things really wrong but i hope i at least helped

you guys out..


RADIOHEAD – Optimistic

Ezequiel Claverie

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Ok, as there isn’t any good quality recording of this song so I wasn’t able to tab it perfectly. Anyway, here you have some chord so you can play and sing… enjoy!!



F x00565

G 320033

D xx0232

A# x13331

C x32010

Dm xx0231

Dsus2 xx0230

Dsus4 xx0233


F-G-D A#-C-D –> 2 times


Dm Dsus2 Dsus4 D –> 2 times


Flies are buzzing around my head

Vultures circling my bed

Picking up every last crumb

The big fish eat the little ones

The big fish eat the little ones

Not my problem give me some


You can try the best you can

If you try the best you can

The best you can is good enough

Then theres a little lick that goes like this…

G———3-2—-0-3-2—————– It goes over and over during
D———————-0————— the Dm Dsus2… chords on
A————————————– the verse.

During the chorus theres some kind of scale playing that i won’t bother to tab, it’s fairly easy.

This was all i could do… this is just a simple version so you can play and sing with your acoustic guitar…


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