Passenger – A Kindly Reminder

G Cadd G G
G/B Cadd G G

     G                      Cadd   G
Well I heard all about your travel ban
         G/B                           Cadd     G
Just for countries that don't fit your business plan
     G                        Cadd        G
But how can you decide who cannot and who can
           G/B       G          D       G
You're the president now, not a businessman

     G                      Cadd          G
And I heard you say climate change isn't real
                 G/B                    Cadd        G
Well that's not how the world's leading scientists feel
       G                    Cadd        G
So go bury your head in the sand if you will
        G/B        G             D       G
For the waters are rising around Capitol Hill

     D                            Cadd               G
With four years in front and only three weeks behind ya
        D                      Cadd  G       
You somehow already managed to upset China
     D                 Cadd    G
And if I could offer a kindly reminder
           D                   Cadd    G
It's not okay to grab women by the vagina

     G                         Cadd    G
And maybe it's 'cos your hands are so small
         G/B                           Cadd     G
That's why you have to build such a big f**king wall
     G                        Cadd        G
Yeah you promised it wide and you promised it tall
           G/B       G          D       G
Now you're wanting the Mexicans to pay for it all

     D                       Cadd     G
And you say that you'll make America great
        D                      Cadd         G       
But I fear that we're in for a long f**king wait
     D                           Cadd    G
'Cos your carving divides through every state
           D                      Cadd    G
And you're filling up hearts with fear and hate

     G                      Cadd          G
Oh I know this song won't change your thoughts
         G/B                  Cadd     G
We're more likely to see your tax reports             
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