Passenger – Bullets


[INTRO - P1] - X2
|G   |C2|G   |   F#|Em7 |C2|G   |G   |

[VERSE 1 - P1]
        |G                             |C2   |G    |G  F#|
Oh Well he's been collecting since the age of nine
|Em7                    |C2      |G   |G    |
Every shiny bullet that he could find
|G                             |C2    |G    |G  F#|
Built himself a house with the wooden floors
|Em7                       |C2      |G     |G  |
Put the shiny bullets in a chest of drawers

[VERSE 2 - P1]
         |G                      |C2       |G    |G   
Well his wifes long gone and the kids have grown
  F#|Em7                 |C2      |G   |G  |
And trees they fall down on their own
|G                    |C2 |G        |G   
Memories fade like an old slideshow
    F#  |Em7                     |C2      |G   |G  |
But the bullets still shine like coins in the snow

[VERSE 3 - P2]
     |C      G2           |D   |Em   |Em 
Well one day took himself into town
   |C          G2              |D    |Em   |Em  |
The men with a truck well they came around
|C                G2             |D       |Em     |Em   
They took the television and the gun from the war
       |C           G2              |D       |G      
Oh and almost every bullet from the chest of drawers

[BRIDGE 1 - P1] [Harmonica Solo]

G  |C2|G |   F#|Em7|C2|G  | G
             Oh Oh  Oh-Oh

[VERSE 4 - P1]
        |G                           |C2        |G   |G   F#|
Well he came back home and found the house in a mess
|Em7                         |C2       |G    |G   
Run into the bedroom and the old brown chest
        |G                      |C2 |G  |G
Well he didn't care much for the V-C-R
    F#  |Em7                          |C2     |G   |G  
But he cried for the space where the bullets were

[VERSE 5 - P2]
         |C           G2         |D   |Em  |Em
Well the men took the truck down into town
         |C           G2     |D       |Em    |Em   
And they sold all the silver they had found
         |C                G2               |D          |Em    |Em
But they couldn't sell the bullets cos they weren't live rounds
        |C        G2           |D             |G  
So they dug a big hole put the bullets in the ground

[BRIDGE 2 - P1] [Harmonica and Trumpet Solo]
xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx
G   |C2|G   |  F#|Em7 |C2|G   |G
               Oh Oh  Oh-Oh
 xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx
|C G2|D |Em  |Em  |C G2|D |G

        |C                G2         |D |Em   |xxx                    
Well he doesn't leave the house much anymore
        |C            G2             |D  |Em    |xxx
Cos the men are gonna come like they did before
          |C   G2       |D       |Em  |xxx
And he'll hold onto the three or four
|C                 G2         |D       |Em     |xxx
Bullets that they left in the chest of drawers
         |C                 G2         |D       |G
yeah the bullets that they left in the chest of drawers

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