Passenger – Diamonds

F G C Am F G C

Well I spoke to this man,
 G                     C     
Said he?d been to the moon,
 Am                      F
Carved his name in the ground,
Saw the world spinning round,
And came back that afternoon.

And I laughed at this man,
 G                      C
Said he?d been lost at sea,
Am                  F
Heard the sirens call,
Seen the pirates fall,
To the monsters in the deep.

I said I?d heard some tall tales,
      G                   C
Some good stories in my time,
 Am                    F
When I asked him for proof,
He just showed me the truth,
That was dancing in his eyes.

I could not believe this man,
Said he was a millionaire,
He said I know I dress in rags,
But I drive a vintage Jag,
And I?ve got a diamond chandelier.

I said I think I need a drink,
And made my way outside,
You know I?d swear this was a spoof,
If it wasn?t for the truth,
That was dancing in his eyes.

F G C Am F G C X2

When I came back in the room,
The man had disappeared,
He left a rock from the moon,
And eyepatch and a diamond,
From a chandelier.
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