Passenger – Two Tales

Em D C x2

[Verse 1]
Em                D                    C
Light up my lantern, I'll cut you a path, 
C                                          Em D C
We've walked for hours and it's getting dark
Em                 D                 C
We left the roadside in search of aid, 
C                                       Em C D
Wind-screen shattered and tire marks made

G                    D                    C
I've never seen someone bleeding like this, 
C                                       Em D C
Rip off your sleeve and clench your wrist

[Verse 2]
Em                  D                    C
I'll light the stove and sit by the hearth, 
C                                Em D C
Orangey glow light the wintry dark
Em                D                C
We kept her bedroom exactly the same, 
C                                         Em C D
Winters they followed and Summers they came

G                 D                       C
He'd bash around, banging down on the floor
C                                 Em D C
I sit alone with an eye on the door

[Bridge] - Strumming (Personal Preference)
G                    D                       C
Stop in this clearing, we'll stay here tonight
C                   Em                    D
Press up against me, I'll hold you so tight
D                   C                       G
I got these matches, we'll let off some smoke
G                   D                   C
Maybe they'll see us and maybe they won't
C                   Em                        D
Blanket of leaves hide the light from the stars, 
D                  C                Em D C 
I'll lie awake listening out for cars

[Verse 3]
Em                      D                           C
He stares through curtains when he talks to the night, 
C                                     Em D C
I sit and listen for tires on the drive
Em                   D                  C
I keep on waiting and he keeps on talking
C                                            Em C D 
Just stop him talking, please stop him talking

[Outro] - Just strum downwards here no upward strums
G  D                  C
    No, give me silence
Em   D               C
    Give me silence, 
G   D              C
    Give me silence
C   D       Em
Oh, no...            
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