Pink Floyd – Let There Be More Light

Let There Be More Light  (Waters)

Far, far, far, far away, way
People heard him say, say
"I will find a way, way
There will come a day, day
Something will be done"

Cm                              Fm
Then at last the mighty ship descending on a point of flame

     Cm               Dm            A       Ab
Made contact with the human race at Mildenhall

Now, now, now is the time, time
Time to be, be, be aware

Cm                               Fm
Carter's father saw it there and knew the Rhull revealed to him

    Cm             Dm           A  Ab
The living soul of Hereward the Wake

Oh my, something in my eye, eye
Something in the sky, sky
Waiting there for me

The outer lock rolled slowly back

The servicemen were heard to sigh

    Cm                Dm            A                 Ab
For there revealed in flowing robes was Lucy in the sky

Oh, oh, did you ever?
No, no, never will they
I'll say!

Summoning his cosmic powers

And glowing slightly from his toes

    Cm         Dm      A    Ab
His psychic emanations flowed.

Alex Gall                          | "And if the dam breaks open
Institute of Theoretical Physics   |  I'll see you on the dark
University of Bern                 |     side of the moon"
Sidlerstrasse 5                    |                -- Pink Floyd
CH-3012 Bern                       |
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