Quaaludes Again Shel Silverstein

Quaaludes Again Shel Silverstein


She falls through the doorway

Rolls down the hall

She bounces off the sofa

And right into the wall

It’s easy to see as she buckles and bends

She’s doin’ quaaludes again

Quaaludes again

Quaaludes again

If you’ve got aurora

You know for shorra

She’s your friend

She’s doin’ quaaludes again


She fumbles and stumbles

And falls down the stairs

Makes love to the leg of the dining room chair

She’s ready for animals, women or men

She’s doin’ quaaludes again

Quaaludes again



Quaaludes again

If you’ve got a lemon, a dog and three women

Then she’s your friend

She’s doing quaaludes again

Quaaludes again

He: Baby, you’ve been doing quaaludes again. Well, then who?

She: No. Not me. I don’t have any quaaludes

He: You don’t have ’em cause you took em all already

She: No

He: You had six

She: Nooo…

He: You had six yesterday, right? In your purse?

She: No…

He: How many you got now? Where’d they go?

She: No. I don’t have any

He: That’s what I mean

She: No…

He: Where’d they go? What’d you take?

She: I didn’t take anything. I just had a small… a small headache

He: So what did you take? What did you take for a headache?

She: No… Maybe an aspirin

He: That’s the biggest damned aspirin I’ve ever seen! You did… You keep… Don’t keep

pullin at me! Don’t do that! Don’t do that! c’mon… you’re bumpin’ into the furniture

She: It hurts!

He: What?! I didn’t move ANYTHING around!

She: (moaning)

He: You had FIVE quaaludes in your purse yesterday. You have none today!

She: I gave them away

He: You gave away what? You gave everything away!

She: I gave it to all my friends

He: Yeah. How much time did you see your friends?

She: Well…

He: You were supposed to see them for five minutes?

She: Well… Don’t you know how it is?

He: I DON’T know how it is

She: Nooo…

He: I know you’re doin ‘ludes, and you said… you said that the next time you get them

I should take them away and flush them down the toilet

She: Noooo…

He: Didn’t you say that?

She: NO….noooooo…

He: DON’T keep pullin’ me to the damn bed! I don’t want an old… I’m tellin you… You

are turnin’ me OFF!

(fading away)

He: Now let me tell you… Will you keep your eyes open! Get up!

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