Queen – Death On Two Legs

Intro : (piano : fade in)
	Ebm   F#/C#   C#sus4  C#   Fm/C   C   Em/B   G/D 

Guitar : 
Bass notes ( G D G C# ) repeat 4 times 
last time play D note after C#

Note : for these piano pieces it is easier to play the Bm chord and bass 
notes together if you cross over your Hands .i.e play the Bm chord using 
left and bass notes with right hand.

piano riff 1 : play Bm chord using Left Hand (in the rhythm of Killer
	Bass noted (RH) : B  F#  F  Bb  F#  A  G#  B  D  F#  G  D  F#   X  2

piano riff 2 : play Bm using Left Hand.
	Bass noted (RH) : B  F#  G   ( usually repeated about 4 times)

            Bm (piano riff 2)    
You suck my blood like a leech 

You break the law and you preach 

Screw my brain till it hurts 
You've taken all my money 
And you want more 
Misguided old mule with your pig headed rules 

With your narrow minded cronies 
	Gm		     Cm
Who are fools of the first division 

(use piano riff 1)
Death on two legs 

You're tearing me apart 
[ death_on_two_legs ]
Death on two legs 
                   A                D
You've never had a heart of your own 
F#7    	         Em  Bm	     Em    Bm
Kill joy bad guy big talking small fry 
You're just an old barrow boy 
Have you found a new toy to replace me? 

Can you face me? 
    Bm                  F#
But now you can kiss my ass goodbye 

Feel good are you satisfied? 
       Em   Bm   Em Bm
Do you feel like suicide? 

(I think you should) 
Is your conscience all right 

Does it plague you at night? 
       D         F#7
Do you feel good feel good? 

(NC)		    Bm (piano riff 2)
You talk like a big business tycoon 

You're just a hot air balloon 

So no one gives you a damn 
You're just an overgrown schoolboy 
Let me tan your hide 
A dog with disease 

You're the king of the 'sleaze' 

Put your money where your mouth is 
Mister know-all 

Was the fin on your back 
	    Cm     No Chord
Part of the deal? (Shark) 

Death on two legs 

You're tearing me apart 

Death on two legs 
                   A                             D 
You've never had a heart (you never did) of your own 
(Right from the start) 
Insane you should be put inside 
 	 Em    Bm   		 Em  Bm
You're a sewer rat decaying in a cesspool of pride 
Should be made unemployed 

Then make yourself null and void 
	D	    F#7
Make me feel good I feel good
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