Queen – Its Late

D           A 
You say you love me 
D                      A 
And I hardly know your name 
D        A         D           A 
And if I say I love you in the candlelight 
D                     A 
There's no one but myself to blame 
D           A 
But there's something inside 
       C#m             F#m  F# A D 
That's turning my mind away 
Oh how I could love you 
D                  A    A-A-A-A-A 
If I could let you stay 
E                   A 
It's late - but I'm bleeding deep inside 
E                  A 
It's late - is it just my sickly pride? 
E   D           A               D              A 
Too late - even now the feeling seems to steal away 
E  D                 C#             B                 E 
So late - though I'm crying I can't help but hear you say 
      A                  D 
It's late it's late it's late 
    E        A 
But not too late 
D            A 
The way you love me 
D                A 
Is the sweetest love around 
D         A                  D         A 
But after all this time, the more I'm trying 
    D               A 
The more I seem to let you down 
Now you tell me you're leaving 
C#                            F#m  F# A D 
And I just can't believe it's true 
Oh you know that I can love you 
D               A 
Though I know I can't be true 
D               A 
Oh you made me love you 
D                        A 
Don't tell me that we're through 
It's late - but it's driving me so mad 
It's late - yes I know but don't try to tell me that it's 
Too late - save our love you can't turn out the lights 
So late - I've been wrong but I'll learn to be right 
It's late it's late it's late 
But not too late 
I've been so long 
You've been so long 
D                                        A 
We've been so long tryin' to work it out 
I ain't got long 
You ain't got long 
D                                       F#m 
We gotta know what this life is all about 
You're staring at me 
D                      A 
With suspicion in your eye 
             D            A 
You say what game are you playing? 
       D                A 
What's this that you're saying? 
  D           A 
I know that I can't reply 
If I take you tonight 
      C#               F#m  F# A D 
Is it making my life a lie? 
Oh you make me wonder 
D                  A 
Did I live my life right? 
It's late - but it's time to set me free 
It's late - yes I know but there's no way it has to be 
Too late - so let the fire take our bodies this night 
So late - so let the waters take our guilt in the tide 
A                        D          H 
It's late it's late it's late it's late 
      C#                  F#m       
It's late it's late it's late 
It's all too late 
how I could love you 
F                  C    C-C-C-C-C 
If I could let you stay 

[ its_late ]
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