Red Hot Chili Peppers – Even You Brutus

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Even You, Brutus?  (I'm With You)

(Intro) : |Cm      |Am      |x2
          |Ab      |Bb  Bdim|


God is good and fate is great 
When it feels so strong it's hard to wait 
You never know how it might unfold 
Hearts to break and bodies to hold 

Time will tell but it never gets old 
F                   Eb         Esus
Like I told you I'm in for the long, long 

Had to have been one of those things 
That took place in outer space 
A match made in heaven 
Not a scratch on her face 
Angels must have smoked some dust 
Singing songs about in God we trust 
Some things slide but this is a must 
Like I told you there is a time for finding out 

People try to tell me what not to do 
They shouldn't make it with a younger girl 
Too many chances for the foot to drop 
I tried to tell them that I found a pearl 

Like I told you be careful what your asking for 


Gm          Dm
Hey sister brutus 
          Cm                  Gm Dm
You got a mess of a better hand 
Gm          Dm
Hey sister judas 
     Cm               Gm
Even you never had my back 

She was the cutest thing that I ever did see 
A drink in her hand and I don't mean tea 
She was with a dude but I just didn't care 
Had to find out these moments of air 
And Stevie said all is fair 

Like I told you there is something for everyone 

Well I guess I never told you some things 
That I really really wanted to say 
Did I do everything I could do 
Or did the mice just need to flee 

Like I told you there is more than meets the eye 



I'm not trying to point fingers at you 
I'm not trying to lay any blame 
But when it comes to the punishment 
Girl you know how to bring the pain 

Like I told you I'd do it all again 


Come on 

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