Sweetest Goodbye  Maroon 5


Am7 x02010

D xx0232

G 320033

Em7 022030


Am7 (Hold the Am7 while playing this riff)

E ————————————————————————|
B —–1———–1————-1—————1———–1————|
G ———–0———–0—————0————-0———-0——-|
D —————————-2——2——-2——2—-2—–2———-|
A -0—–0—–0—-0—————————————————–|
E ————————————————————————|

D (Hold the D while playing this riff)

E ————————————————————————|
B ——3————-3————-3————3————————|
G ————-2————-2————-2————0—————–|
D –0——0——0—–0——0——0—–0—–0———————–|
A ————————————————————————|
E ————————————————————————|

G (Hold the G while playing this riff)

E ———————————————————————–|
B ——-3—————3—————–3————3—————-|
G —————0—————0—————-0————-0——–|
D ————————————0——–0—–0——0————|
A —————————2——————————————-|
E —3——-3——3—————————————————-|

Em7 (Hold the Em7 while playing this riff)


That’s all that there is to it. Practice until u can play it with your eyes closed and

you can sing the melody with it.

Where you are seems to be

As far as an eternity

Outstretched arms open hearts

And if it never ends then when do we start

I’ll never leave you behind

Or treat you unkind

I know you understand

If you see the pattern here the rest of the song is simple. The chord order is basically

through out the whole song.

Try to make the high note stand out when playing the riffs.

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