The Beatles – Across The Universe (intro)

rtist: The Beatles

Song: Across The Universe (Album Version)
Music & Lyrics By: Lennon and McCartney
Album:Let It Be

Tabbed By:  Nicholas Kent ([email protected])
Intro Tabbed By: Chris ([email protected])

Hey, whats up everyone?  This is my first tab attempt, so bare with me here. 
  I recently heard a cover to this Beatles song which made me want to learn 
the present versions were all wrong.  I recently saw an old interview (from 
the 80's) with Paul McCartney and he was going through the chord 
progressions for various Beatles songs and this happened to be one of them. are the correct chords (I think Paul is right considering he 
wrote the song) and intro (not to sure about the intro, but I can guarentee 
the chords are correct)

Note:  I took the intro from previous tab attempts cause it's the closest 
I've heard so far, but any corrections are welcome.

[ across_the_universe_intro ]
*Standard Tuning*
(I think the original song is played in C# or their is a capo being used, 
but I don't have one...... so figure out where to put it yourself)




    D    F#m   Em7    A    A7    Gm   Em7/A  G/D

**(Repeat Exactly Next Time Through)**
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