The Beatles – And I Love Here

Beatles:And I Love here

  Fm           Cm          Fm        Cm
I give here all my love that's all I do
Fm               Cm
And if you saw my love
        Ab       Bb7
You'd love here too
Oh, I Love here

II.. same chords pa rin Po...

She gives me everything
and tenderly the kiss my lover brings
She brings to me And I Love here
[ and_i_love_here ]
 Cm           Bb  Cm          Gm
A love like ours could never die
   Cm        Gm           Bb7
As long as i have you near me

III..Same pA rin...

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark in the sky
I know this love of mine will
never die And i love here
(repeat III)

It's my First tab  
Hope you like IT.....
Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! GUy'z it;s a great of Beatles....

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