Weird Fishes Arpeggi  Radiohead

In the deepest ocean,

the bottom of the sea,

Your eyes,     They

turn me

Why should I stay here?

Why should I….stay


I’ll be crazy not to follow

Follow where you lead

Your eyes  

They turn me

Throw me on a phantom (heyyyyy now)

I’ll follow you till the end

of the earth    (heyyyy now)

I fall off

yeah everybody leave

If you have the chance

Then leave

Its my chance

(Quiets down but I think chords are sameish with piano)

I get eaten by the worms

and weird fishes

get torn by the worms

weird fishes

Dmaj9(changes A bit)

weird fishes

Bm ( leads into arpeggi)

Weird fishes

Bm C Bm A G X2 (use power chord type of thing)

ohh I hit the bottom

I hit the bottom

and escape

escape  X2

Yeah thats pretty much it. I think they may use some more complected inversions but i

it sounds right.





A Use a open c shape on twelth fret


A7 Open string c7 shape on 12th fret



—-11——-|The melody is this string as the chord goes from 7 to 6


——10—–|(this string is really use I thinks its more the other three)

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