Jason Mraz – Bright Eyes

Bright lights, big city
Was quite extraordinary.
The drive was pretty.
I was in perfect company.
The love of a lifetime,
Since we were elementary friends;
The one with the bright eyes..

A   D
Why cant I be optimistic?
A   D
I tried to find the logic logically.
A   D
I had a dream and I could not shake it.
A  D                      
I was standing up there naked.

A                                   D
There's fear in the truth at hand, frozen I forgot to understand
A                      D                         
The live keep living; growing older more into a man..
A   D  
And I let her grow away from me.

A       D
Love.. love is not pretending.
A       D
Time.. time was meant for mending
A            D
Memories into all is satisfactory,
         A                        D                 A
Healthy smiles fill the page the day we spent in miles.
A      D                       A 
And I let her drive away from me.

The one with the bright eyes
D                                   A
Laughed her way inside this music box;
D                                  A    
Stored away in the corner of my heart. 
A        D                  A
And I let her get away from me
D                             A           
But I'll never take that day away from me!
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