Oasis – Guess God Thinks Im Abel

Hi this is first tab i have done, think its allrite let me no wat u think if it can be
updated. listen to the song to work struming out

capo 4th fret
standard tuning
not sure what some of these are called lol
 A = x05050
G#/D? = x04030
 A7* = 007070
 Em = 022000
 G = 320033
 D = x00232
 A7 =x02020
intro A, G#/D, A7, A

verse 1
A             G#/D
I could be your lover
A7*           A 
You could be all mine
A          G#/D
We'd go on forever
A7*           A
Till the end of time

verse 2

A                  G#/D
You could be my best friend
A7*            A
Stay up all night long
A             G#/D
You could be my railroad
A7*          A
We'd go on and on


Em        G
Let's get along
There's nothing here to do
Em       G      A7
Let's go find a rainbow
Em         G
I could be wrong
But what am I to do
Em        G          A7
Guess god think's Im Abel

fills- noel just plays around after the first chorous using these notes
E ---------------------------
A ---------------------------
D -5h6---5-----5h6---5-------
G -----5-----------5---------
B ---------7------------7---5
E ---------------------------

Verse 3 just the same chords as verse 1 and 2

You could be my enemy

I guess theres still time

I get round to loving you

Is that such a crime

Chorous - as previous

No one can break us
No one can take us
       A     G#/D        
If they tried

A7      G
Come on all 
      D         A7
Let's make it tonight

thats it cheerz

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